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Time to vary your practice – The Sims can help.

As a golf coach, a huge part of my job is to study how people operate and my curiosity has led me to be an avid people watcher. Having worked and taught at the Oakville Indoor Golf Centre for 2 seasons, it’s apparent that people use the centre in 2 very distinct ways. They either;

  • Play 9 or 18 holes of Golf with their playing partners or 

  • They beat balls for an hour. 

What never occurs to our customers is that these ways are so stale and traditional that they may actually be inhibiting progress and allowing their golf games to get stuck in a rut. 

The Winter period is so valuable to golfers to keep their swings in tune and to prepare for the new season. Here’s a few suggestions to break out of the old mold, when using our Simulators at OIGC. 

The AboutGolf sims that we have, have numerous options when it comes to setting up a practice session. There are chipping options to set up greens at different distances to help with your short game. You can practice putting too with straight or breaking putts at varying lengths too.

If it’s your long game you want to work on, it’s critical that in any practice session that you have specific goals. The sims are great for tracking your distances with each club. So, be aware of how far you hit each club and also how far each one carries. Carry distance is far more important than total. You can register online with AG Data which will track and record every shot you hit whilst logged into your own account.

The Sims track all manner of data including Ball speed, Launch angles, Spin rates as well as distance. The staff are on hand to explain the numbers and give you some ideas about what to look for and what to try to change.

If it’s one club you wish to work on, you don’t just have to use the practice range option. You can customize a few holes on a golf course and find a few Par 3’s that require that club. Pick a hole that you need to hit 7-Iron on for example and then set it on Practice Mode. You can then hit the same shot over and over. This makes it a little more interesting than a standard range session. The idea is to mix it up.

When playing with your buddies, there are other “Competition Holes” you can play too. One has “the Wall” you have to clear and hit closest to the hole. There are also numerous way to play against each other in Closest to the Hole challenges on the courses, playing from behind obstacles or other scenarios. Experiment too by playing tough golf courses from the front tees and vice versa. Put the wind up to maximum and try to survive. It’s meant to be fun, after all and Golf requires that you are flexible and ready for anything.

Please ask any member of staff to help you get set up and vary the way you practice. 

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