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  • 9 hole league for men or women, most people will play a 9 hole warmup before their official round

  • League play is by individual players using a league calculated handicap

  • Play anytime that suits your schedule

  • There is $20 league registration fee for skins and the Year End Prizes 

  • Weekly cost is based on time of play either weekday or weekend.​

  • DIscount packages can be used to pay for weekly fee.

  • Play will start Nov 5th and run till the end of March

  • Free AboutGolf Online Userid mandatory for league play

  • Here are the Courses that will be used this year.   Courses

  • We try to match our league schedule to the PGA schedule so you can play the same courses as the pros!



Handicaps are calculated by the league using only league scores

OIGC does not take any amount of the skins pot

Have any questions?

If you have any questions about the leagues feel free to contact us! or 

  905 469 3535

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